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buy your art via web3! Blockline.ART is your partner to buy conventional works of art, e.g. pictures, with digital vouchers, the PhygitalNFTs. you redeem the voucher and have your work of art sent to your home – automatically.

at the same time you have the chance to participate in the NFT market by selling the voucher for a profit.

we transfer artworks to cryptowallets and living rooms at the same time!

active phygitalNFT collections – buy and claim the original artwork!

female essence by marian kretschmer

female essence by marian kretschmer

dualism by leo perez

dualism by leo perez

ancestors by marian kretschmer
phygitals in auction

NFT collections

the ONE - white edition by marian kretschmer

the ONE – white edition by marian kretschmer

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marian kretschmer
Artist & Curator
Visit his homepage: HERE
Instagram: HERE
leo perez

Visit his homepage: HERE
Instagram: HERE

On Display Now

female essence

female essence

Female Essence describes life – life is vibration and love. The artistic focus is on classic nude art photography, paired with mystical body paints and repainted photo prints.

PhygitalNFTCollection – buy and claim the original !

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Coming Up

the ONE – white edition

the ONE - white edition

The divine circle represents our life as en endless movement. You can´t hide, you are a part of it and you define your role.

Follow your religion, philosophy and purpose and find yourself…

The collection „the ONE“ was created as a conventional painting with acrylic paints on wooden panels 140cm x 140cm.


Collection on OpenSea – BUY HERE

world of nymphs


world of nymphs

The Naiads, daughter of God, were living in the water that contained healing and prophetic powers. If that water is drying up, the Naiads would die.

The Naiads were worshiped as fertility goddesses. The Naiads were also known for their extreme jealousy. It was told that a lover’s infidelity was avenged with his blindness.

freemint #1-5/10 – sold out

freemint #6/10 – live

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Easter 2023 airdrop!

we proudly present the winner wallets after our 10 weeks #fridayisfreeday journey! Marian is finishing the artworks and we will drop the #phygitalNFT directly in the wallets soon as possible ! Congratulations to all winners!















Leonel Perez

Dualism discusses themes such as love, hate, redemption, despair, unity, and isolation for their ambiguous idiosyncrasies. themes such as love, and redemption are often seen only with respect to their positive connotations. similar hate and despair for their negative associations. however, love and hate possess traits that are more complex if one is to look at them thoroughly. unarguably, self-love is important but narcissistic love is dangerous. similar, hate is multidimensional. dualism at such displays the possibility of experiencing the multifacetedness of feelings instead of relying on superficial connotations that are often recognised at first.

PhygitalNFTCollection – buy and claim the original !

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our ancestors shape our origins and appearance, have a decisive impact on the way we live and make decisions, and therefore also directly on our destiny.

the collection plays with assumptions and our own interpretation of the appearance of our human ancestors and their materials and spiritual realities. let us thank and respect them for being today!

acrylic painting on canvas, 40cm*40cm

PhygitalNFTCollection – buy and claim the original !

this is a weekly auction with final bid on sunday 10pm CET. starting on monday 6th and first final on sunday 12.03.23

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Coming Up


rituals by marian kretschmer


stay tuned



what are phygitals

„Phygital“ is a combination of physical and digital asset in one tool  – like a voucher. Phygitals are NFTs – tradable online with various cryptocurrencies in different exchanges of Web3 like opensea.

We create for your artwork individual phygitalNFT with different characters and attributes !

benefits for customers

Customers can appraise your artwork wherever it is to find. They pay directly on the linked exchange with their favorite currency and get the phygitalNFT – the voucher of your artwork.  This Voucher / phygitalNFT can be redeemed against your deposited artwork. On the other side the new owner of your phygitalNFT can it trade or give away or send around the world until the defined period of the claim has expired. Only the current owner of this phygitalNFT can once claim the artwork! After the claim the phygitalNFT is useless.

benefits for artists

You can show your original artwork – wherever you want – on your homepage, catalogs and galleries. Additionally you are to find in all Nft-exchanges with your digital voucher too – your phygitalNFT ! This will increase dramatically your reach for buyers, in media and social networks – a new target group is born for you!

The phygitalNFT shows like a catalog the individual characteristic of the artwork like art form, color, material, weight, dimension, historic and so on. Feel free to describe your project with attributes!

If someone buys your phygitalNFT it is the safest way for you as seller because it is a direct exchange of phygitalNFT against a defined currency – you will get your cryptocurrencies  in your wallet – automatically and immediately !

Will your phygitalNFT continue to be traded again and again – fine !  you are involved with determined percentage royalties of each trade in your wallet. You earn with your phygitalNFT – without losing your artwork 🙂

If the owner of the phygitalNFT would like to have the associated work of art handed over, he checks in with his account at the declared claim side and activates the one-time claim process.

faq for customers
    1. What is a phygitalNFT?
      – create a „voucher“ corresponding to the artwork – this voucher is technically a „phygital“ and tradeable like a NFT / cryptocurrency.
    2. What requiremements are necessary to buy a phygitalNFT?
      – You need a metamask account filled with the cryptocurrency etherium. This metamask is your key and wallet in the exchanges of web3.
    3. How do i get the original artwork ?
      – The attributes of your phygitalNFT shows you the claim side – check in with your metamask and the claiming process is starting automatically. Finally the artist will get your address data and send your artwork.
    4. Where do i recognize the specific properties of the art?
      – Each phygitalNFT shows the individual character of the corresponding work of art like artist, dimension, material, paints, Canvas and a clear description.
    5. How long do i have to claim ?
      – The attributes inside the phygital declare the period to claim, often between 1 and 3 years!
    6. Can i sell this phygitalNFT or give it away?
      – Sure! It works like a known voucher in the real world! You can do what you want! The owner of the phygitalNFT can claim exclusively!
    7. Are this phygitalNFT tradable?
      – Yes! You can sell and buy this phygitalNFT on NFT-exchanges like stocks or currencies. Your metamask is the door opener in the world of NFT!
    8. Is a phygitalNFT sure?
      – Yes, it exists only once! Be careful, only use official links via block and discord channel.
faq for artists
  1. Can you produce a phygitalNFT from any object?
    – Yes, every physical and digital object can be transferred into a phygitalNFT for you. The limiting factor is the size of the object.
  2. What is necessary to get a phygitalNFT
    – needs your object as digitally scan in high quality. The artist provides the description in englisch.
  3. Who markets the phygitalNFT for me?
    – creates your individual phygitalNFT and guarantees the technical implementation. Your phygitalNFT is listed automatically on a special mint side or nftexchanges. You will get the digitally code and link for your own marketing and forwarding.
  4. What is ?
    Blockline.ART is a launch pad minting your phygitalNFTs to mediate contact between buyers and artists in web3.
  5. Is a Gallery ?
    – Yes, Blockline.Art shows your art on our page and the artist is part of the community and promotion by
  6. How much is a production for a phygitalNFT ?
    – The artist takes over the gasfee for the production – 900$ until 10 items or 100$ for a single NFT / PhygitalNFT and the shipping fees after claim your artwork.
  7. How do i get the information of the sale?
    – gets a „sell“ email from the exchange and will inform you.
  8. Where can i get the address data of the recipient after the claim of phygitalNFT ?
    – organize the claim process and informs you immediately via email.
  9. How is post-sale billing done?
    art will send you the agreed share of the sale price to your account or wallet after sell.


  1. What do i have to guarantee?
    – The artist guarantees the original, undamaged condition of the art until it is claimed and completely shipped.
  2. What do i have to prepare technically?
    – Our artists have to have a etherium wallet like on binance, coinbase or a metamask account.
  3. Can i cancel the phygitalNFT process?
    – can cancel the phygitalNFT producing process until the mint date on the blockchain. The cancellation fee of 500 $ has to be paid before the cancelling process starts. After the mint of phygitalNFTs it is not cancelable.
  4. What happens if the work of art cannot be handed over / shipped ?
    – It is minted but not sold, you have to substitute 40 % of purchase price to
    – Your phygitalNFT is sold you have to pay a penalty fee of 10.000€ to and compensate the buyer in the amount of purchase price. Be sure to have insurance.This fact should never happen …
  5. How long does a phygitalNFT run?
    – Basically infinite , but you decide how long the claim period is. That means when the deadline is canceling the duty of safekeeping. recommends between 1 or 3 years. This period is identified and explained in the phygitalNFT attributes! After this deadline you are not obliged to surrender the object. It is free for sale on alternative way now. will change the attribute of this phygitalNFT in „not claimable“.

How do you promote the artists?
– is part of the socialnet via twitter, instagram and discord server.


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